Film Maker & Photographer Henry West, OD12, scoops multiple awards

Film Maker & Photographer Henry West, OD12, scoops multiple awards
Nicola Dingle

The Plastic & The Penguin film directed by Henry West, OD12, has won 12 International Awards.  It was premiered via Parley for the Oceans on International Penguin Day to help prevent marine plastic pollution.

All the shots were captured by Henry himself during his adventure to Antarctica where he explored the Southernmost continent of the world.

During Henry’s adventures directing films across all seven continents of the world, he has been fortunate enough to experience some the of the worlds most beautiful features.  Unfortunately, Henry has also experienced first hand the most devastating effects of humans on wildlife.  As an avid waterman, one of these issues that hits home for Henry is that of marine plastic pollution.

I set off on the adventure of a lifetime to my final continent of the world to explore, not knowing what to expect or what I would end up documenting. The inspiration for this short film came about when I was sieving through my footage, the penguins started talking to me in my head. I will never forget the time when a little Gentoo Penguin decided to run in between myself and camera, filling my heart with joy and capturing the moment forever. After this gift, it was ingrained that I had to create a story for all ages to understand that together we need to tackle the problem of marine plastic pollution and save the penguins

Henry West

More can be seen of Henry's work on his website or via his Instagram @mrhenrywest


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