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Wellbeing Week

This week marks Wellbeing Week across the School.  World Wellbeing Week is a yearly campaign run by Wellbeing World and aims to raise awareness of wellbeing and explain why it matters.  Developing a good wellbeing is important for everyone as it means we are happy and fulfilled.  Thinking about how we maintain good mental health from an early age is so important for us all.

Celebrating Fifty Years of Sailing!

This summer we celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of our Sailing Club with a programme of week-long cruises along the South Coast of England.  

Fifty Years of Moonrakers!

This summer marks the fiftieth anniversary of Moonrakers!  Over the past fifty years the club has gone from strength-to-strength, giving all Third Formers the opportunity to undertake new adventures and experience the outdoors in a way that otherwise may not have been possible. As this year's Moonrakers head off on their camp at the end of June, they will no doubt take a moment to celebrate this milestone.  

A focus on nature and our mental health

We are so lucky at Dauntsey’s to be surrounded by nature, be it the ducks in the science courtyard, the endless bluebells and rhododendrons on the walk to and from the Manor, or the vast array of plants and wildlife found in our grounds.  That said, pausing to reflect on the role nature plays in supporting our psychological and emotional health is crucial.

Sixth Form History of Art Trip to Roche Court

Fifteen A-level Art History pupils, from both L6 and U6 spent an exciting afternoon out at Roche Court Sculpture Park. After so long without school trips, it was a breath of fresh air - both figuratively and literally!