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Post GCSE Courses 2018

Most of our Fifth Form pupils returned to School after their GCSE's for a range of extra-curriculum courses that make up the School’s extensive post-GCSE programme

Rowing at Dauntsey's

A group of ten Sixth Formers have enjoyed sunny Thursday afternoons this term rowing from Bradford-on-Avon Boathouse.

Leavers' Sermon 2018

Sermon for Dauntsey’s School Leavers, All Saints’ Parish Church, July 2018 - The Chaplain

Summer Art Exhibition

The Art School Summer Exhibition opened on Monday evening, the glorious weather allowing for guests to spill into the gardens where Upper Sixth had displayed sculptures too large for the gallery.

Brecons Challenge

Last weekend, sixteen Lower Sixth pupils took part in the annual Brecons Challenge, an adventure race for teams of two in which the pupils run over three mountains, cycle through the forests and kayak along the canal, ending in Brecon.

Moonrakers Camp 2018

On 11 June 2018, the entire Third Form departed for Aberdovey in Wales for the Moonrakers Camp.

Dauntsey's Dodecahedron 2018 - 30th Anniversary!

On Thursday 14 June, the Mathematics Department hosted the final round of the Dauntsey's Dodecahedron Competition, welcoming 30 top young mathematicians from across the South West region to Dauntsey’s.