Pi Day comes to Dauntsey’s

14 March can only mean one thing, International Pi Day and therefore the start of our Annual Pi Week Competition, organised by the Maths department. 

The Lower School pupils have been given a week to complete the questions on the 22 posters dotted around the school campus.  Each poster is themed to its location.  For example, a foodie question in the dining hall and a phone number question next to the phone box.

The lucky winners will receive pie vouchers to spend in the Tuck Shop.

You  may be wondering what International Pi Day is all about?  Pi is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.  After measuring circular objects for thousands of years, it has always been determined that a circle is a little more than three times its width – 3.14 is the agreed number (or 3.14159 to be precise!).  Because Pi is a ‘constant number’, it will always be the same for any circle of any size. 

So the 14 of March, the third month of the year, is not just a random date selected for International Pi Day.  The 14 of March is, in fact, Pi and a great opportunity to think about the numbers of Pi and talk about maths.  It is also a great excuse to eat pies and thanks go to the catering team who marked the day with some delicious pies!