Third Form Scholars' Enterprise Challenge 2022

Competition was fierce as our Third Form Scholars battled it out in the final presentations of the annual Enterprise Challenge, in a bid to win one of the top prizes.

At the start of the term, each of the four competing teams were given £10 as start-up capital and were then tasked with making the most profit possible.  The challenge required them to go from the basics of coming up with their team name and carving out roles and responsibilities, through to developing their business idea, creating marketing materials and looking at different economic theories to understand how they might affect their business idea.

‘Fries for thought’ were awarded the prize for being the most profitable team, after amassing a huge profit of £396 and ‘Ginger Nuts’ were awarded the prize for the best presentation.   Congratulations also go to Alex from ‘The Money Makers’ who was awarded the prize for the individual who stood out the most.

Tradition dictates that the two winning teams are able to keep and divide their profits between all team members.  This year, however, both winning teams pledged to donate a proportion of their winnings to Ukraine – this will be added to the profits from the other two teams as well.

Well done to all involved, and the key learning from this year’s challenge…Dauntsey’s love their fries!