A Decade of Manor Marathons!

Last weekend saw the Manor Marathon back in action, after have to run as a virtual event for the past two years.  

The day started with 33 pupils and five parents setting off from Bath Abbey, cycling 26 miles along the canal path and returning to The Manor. A further six pupils ran parts of the course.

It was fantastic to see so many pupils really digging deep to complete one of the biggest physical challenges that many of them have ever encountered.  They certainly deserved the delicious barbecue lunch when they arrived back at school!

Particular highlights of the event included James’ bike being stopped from falling into the canal by a helpful member of the public on a passing canal boat after James had carried out a quick move to avoid hitting a dog.  Also the very impressive performance from Mr Mynott who ran the final two miles after multiple punctures on some bikes forced him to give up his bike to a pupil. 

Many thanks to everyone involved in making the event such a success, in particular those parents who cycled the route.  It was lovely to be cycling the route once again – our tenth year! - rather than holding a virtual event as we have had to do for the past two years.