Outreach and Partnerships

Thinking about others is part of the culture at Dauntsey’s, where kindness and compassion really matter. It is encouraged in many ways, in assemblies and services and through the work of our Chaplain and, at a practical level, through our House system and in our support for the year’s nominated charity. Pupils raise money through their own initiative and volunteer in our local community; staff offer skills sessions in sport, dance and language teaching in local primary schools, while we share our facilities with our local community throughout the school year. An awareness of the world around and a desire to serve others are hallmarks of a Dauntsey’s education
Mark Lascelles, Head Master

Dauntsey’s support falls broadly into three categories. Outreach, which involves activities for local schools run by Dauntsey’s staff and pupils; community service, which focuses on pupil-led activities and public events; and, finally, charitable work.

'Understanding the World Around US' - Article in BSA Magazine 

Our goal is to make a positive contribution to our local community and to really involve our own pupils in this endeavour.  We want to offer opportunities for the wider community to use, and benefit from, our facilities, while also fostering relationships with many partner organisations.

Many of our programmes have run for decades, but we are always looking for ways to extend and develop outreach so that we can offer something for everyone.