It is compulsory for all pupils playing Rugby and Hockey to wear a mouthguard.This will include all levels of ability and will cover training and practice sessions as well as competitive fixtures. Whilst accidents involving teeth and gums are fortunately quite rare, when they do occur there is no doubt that the wearing of a mouthguard can prevent permanent damage and loss of teeth since it acts like a shock absorber spreading the force over a larger area and over a longer time. When compared with the cost of dental work required to cap or bridge teeth, the cost of a dentally fitted mouth guard is minimal.

Mouthguards can be ordered direct from OPRO via the attached link.

If you do not wish your son/daughter in Forms 1 - 3 to be fitted with a mouthguard (either because they already have one or you are using your own dentist), we do require written notification which can be e-mailed to me directly at

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