Joining the Sixth Form 2022

We very much look forward to welcoming new pupils to the Sixth Form at Dauntsey's in September.

Results Day 

Please email your results to the Registrar, Jo Sagers at Mark Lascelles, Head Master will also be in School on results day and available for consultation should you wish to discuss results and/or A Level choices

Medical Forms

Please remember to complete, sign and return by Monday 17 May. Email to: Additional copies can be found in Letters and Forms

Dress Regulations

Sixth Form pupils are not expected to wear School uniform but their dress and appearance should be appropriate for a formal business environment.

The following guidelines will help in deciding what is appropriate:

Suit/formal jacket and skirt, dress or trousers
A tailored suit or plain, discreet coloured skirt, dress or trousers with a tailored jacket. The skirt/dress must be of an appropriate length. Skirts, dresses and trousers must not be skinny fit (lycra and jean type material are not acceptable).
A formal sleeved blouse or shirt and tie. It must be long enough to be tucked in at all times.
Dark or tanned smart polished leather shoes or smart ankle boots. No trainers or wedges.
A V-neck or round-necked pullover or cardigan may be worn under the jacket but may not be a substitute for a shirt/blouse.

A plain dark coloured coat.

Discreet jewellery is permitted. No piercings are permitted except in ears and no more than two in each ear.

Hair must be neat and tidy, of a natural and consistent colour and not in an extreme style.

Discreet make-up is allowed.

Corduroy, denim, leather, suede, canvas, fur or fleece clothing is not appropriate.

Clothes should not be over-sized or under-sized, unclean or in a state of poor repair.

Clothes and shoes should not be of an extreme colour or style, but discreet.

No exposed midriffs or low-cut tops. No sweatshirts, hoodies or chunky knit sweaters.

New Sixth Form entrants should confirm the sports they will be playing before purchasing games kit.


Essential Tips

  • Girls' staples: a pair of black trousers and/or skirt with a smart jacket.
  • Boys' staples: at least two smart ties and a dark suit.
  • Clothes should not be over-sized or under-sized.
  • Clothes and shoes should not be of an extreme colour or style.
  • No exposed midriffs.
  • No low-cut tops.
  • No jeans-style trousers.
  • No flip-flops!

Sixth Form Life at Dauntsey's

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Sixth Form race the Jolie Brise

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