May 1, 2020 | Issue no. 164

Head Master's Notices

Many thanks to those of you who have provided feedback this week.  Attached to today’s bulletin is a questionnaire regarding the remote teaching and learning to date.  I would be very grateful if you could find a few minutes to complete it.  Your responses will then enable us to make any necessary changes and improve our offering.

After some glitches at the beginning of the week, for which I sincerely apologise, the Upper Sixth and Fifth Form assessments appear to have run well.  I am pleased that the take-up was high, as it is for the Upper Sixth enrichment courses which start on May 4th.

There seem to be some encouraging noises about the possibility of schools re-opening, albeit with the proviso that it may be for some year groups and not for others.  Whilst I certainly hope that this becomes a reality before too long, I suspect that there are going to be significant restrictions on how we can operate.  As always, I hope that you all remain safe and healthy, and I look forward to seeing you soon.  Have a good weekend.



Whole School Notices and Reminders

Parental and Pupil Survey on Remote Teaching and Learning

Please use this link to access our questionnaire regarding remote teaching and learning to date.  We would be grateful if you can take the time to fill this out with your son/daughter; your responses will help us to make any necessary changes and improve our offering.

Many thanks



Update on Face Shield Production

Alun Pickford has been working hard in the DT workshop making face shields from shared CAD files using the laser cutters and 3D printers. So far we have given these out to over 40 different places, mostly local, through our immediate contacts.

You can see a table of distribution here.

If you, or any of your family or friends, need some of these face shields, or know of anyone who does - please do contact Alun Pickford on



Free Audible Books 

For as long as schools are closed, Audible is open to children to access books for free. Books are also available in six languages so pupils could practice their language listening skills as well.

Visit Audible Here

All stories are free to stream on your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet.



Remote Learning Tips from the Learning Support Department 

  • Create a visual timetable for the week and have this on display (Children who are anxious often respond very well to having a clear timetable.) Please find attached example timetable
  • Include on their timetable in different colours: live lessons, when they will do set work, exercise breaks, time for hobbies e.g. playing consoles
Focus and Attention
  • Encourage mini breaks from the screen. 
  • Allow fiddle toys to help with focus.   If the camera is off, your child might learn more actively by standing up, for example.
  • Lessons are recorded so if your child is struggling to maintain focus, they can watch parts of the lesson again.
Mental Health
  • Encourage pupils to meet up with their friends online and chat after school or in break times.
  • Help pupils to think about how they can aim for 60 minutes of exercise a day, as encouraged by the PE department.
  • Social Story about Coronavirus – useful for any child who is anxious. Please see here.

FREE webinar for parents with Dr Susie Nyman
Thursday 7 May at 19:00 – 19:50

Dr Susie Nyman will be showcasing her ‘Multi-sensory Toolkit Ideas on a Shoestring’ next Thursday 7 May in an interactive webinar. The bitesize session will look at a range of tried and tested multi-sensory strategies and techniques Dr Nyman has used with different students of various ages at every stage of their education, and can be applied to a variety of subjects.

This session is perfect for those supporting children during the COVID-19 school closures. 

Please click here to register



Upper Sixth Enrichment Programmes

Once the Upper Sixth additional assessments are over, we have created a series of enrichment programmes for them to take part in. They are designed to interest, challenge, and to give them a head start on life beyond Dauntsey’s, whether that is in the world of professional work, University or a GAP year. 

I have sent details about these programmes to the Upper Sixth by email, including how to apply for a place and a deadline for applications. Please do talk to your child about the courses, and if you think a programme would be of particular benefit to them, please do encourage them to apply. 
Sam Moore, Head of Adventure Education



Sports Notice

I am delighted that we will be able to offer a live Zumba session starting next Thursday (7 May) at 15:00. ‘Girls Love Fit’ the aerobics company who do sessions for us in the Dance Studio on a Tuesday & Thursday have kindly agreed to run the class. The ‘live’ session will take place using the Zoom app, which you will need to download on to your device. I will send out a code for the class and you just need to enter that code to participate, you do not have to give any personal details and you do not have to put your camera on. This class is just for the Dauntsey’s community. If you are unable to participate live at 15:00, the class will be recorded and I will then send a private link to YouTube with a recording of the class for you to do at any time, again this is only for the Dauntsey’s community.

The link for the first session is:

Have fun!
Marcus Olsen, Director of Sport



Complementary Curriculum

In the absence of CC and PSHE Lessons, the Complementary Curriculum area on Firefly has been updated and contains a wealth of information for the pupils to access. Each week I will be setting a task on Firefly connected to one of the CC pages and pupils are invited to take part. Hopefully these pages will provide pupils with information, support and something fun to do whilst schools are closed and CC lessons are on pause. 

If pupils have any suggestions for the CC pages, please email me at 

You will also see a new page on Firefly that is called... 'Take a look...' 

Over the Easter holidays, the Lower School were asked to set themselves daily challenges and record these in whichever way they wished. As I receive their challenges I am uploading a selection to this page for you to browse and see what others have been up to! If you haven't submitted them, don't worry! Please just email them over to me and I will upload them. 


I have collated all CC parent information in to one page on Firefly in the Complementary Curriculum area called 'For Parents'. Here you will find information about CC and PSHE as well as the support information that has been shared with pupils and other useful hints, tips and guides for parents. I will be updating this weekly with new information for you; I hope you find it useful. 'For Parents' area can be accessed here.



Creativity in Captivity

Our gallery of wonderful artistic works is growing. However big, however small, please do keep the creative ideas flowing! You can have a look at our gallery page here. 

Please continue to send entries in to so your talent can be celebrated in our online gallery on the school website.

You are welcome to send new images over the next couple of months as you create new things!

Many Thanks
Victoria Rose, Director of Art



Dance Notices

Miss Wilkins will be running a Contemporary Class from 14:00 - 14:45 on Tuesday and Street Dance from 14:00 - 14:45 on Wednesday, week commencing 4 May. These classes will be taught live on Teams and are open to all pupils that would like to participate. Please email for the link to the Teams meetings.

There will continue to be challenges set on the Dauntsey’s Dance Instagram page.




DSPA Noticeboard

Please have a look at our digital noticeboard here. It is our own online community to connect Dauntsey's parents and businesses in order to buy, sell and advertise to each other in one trusted place. If you'd like to place an advert here, please email

If you have not yet signed up to join the DSPA then please do so here.
If you are not sure if you have already joined then please contact Pip Wall, Membership Rep at

Please follow us on Twitter here @DauntseyDspa



Medical Centre

The Medical Centre is closed for the duration of the School closure and our nursing staff are currently on furlough.  Consequently they are not able to respond to emails from parents or pupils for the time being. The School’s counselling service continues to operate and is accessible to all pupils. 



Lower School Notices and Reminders

Manor Matters

The Manor tutor team have had fun this week creating a ‘Two truths and a lie’ video to challenge our lower school boarders – all will be revealed in Monday’s ‘Manor Moment’ and it will be interesting to see which of the Manorites can spot a lie!  I am also delighted to announce our winners for the ‘Easter Bunny Hunt’ - Eva, Isla and Monty will all be receiving small prizes in the post, and well done to them for being so observant. 

Tutors have also been busy with their tutor groups and have organised quizzes and competitions during their online Teams meetings; the results of these, and news of other events – including details of our upcoming weekly ‘Manor Bake Off’ - can be seen on the ‘Remote Manor’ page on Firefly. 

I hope that the Manorites are continuing to enjoy their remote learning, and thank you for your continued support.
Anne Sampson, House Mistress.

Please do follow us on Twitter @ManorDauntseys to keep up to date.



Third Form Project Prize

Entries to be submitted by Tuesday 19 May

The Third Form Project Prize has been running throughout the Easter break; its deadline of Tuesday 19 May is fast approaching. If any members of the Third Form would still like to take part, there is still - just - time to do so! It is worth noting that the weekend before the deadline is the VE Day exeat weekend.

Submissions this year will be via OneNote. It is essential, therefore, that all participants signify their intention to take part, in order for a folder to be prepared for their project.

If your Third Former intends to submit a project to this year's competition, please email their name to me, Mrs Hunter by Tuesday 12 May. Entrants will then be able to upload images, text or recordings to OneNote between Friday 15 May and the closing date of Tuesday 19 May.

I am very much looking forward to seeing a bumper crop of entries to the competition in this very unusual year and will make these available in an online gallery after half term. The winners will be announced at the end of the summer term.
Mrs Hunter

For more information please read the attached document. First prize is a choice of an iPad or Apple watch and the trophy. 



Classics Notices

Ballistas Club Sessions

Ballistas club sessions remain running during Thursday Prep, weekly
This week, hieroglyphs!
All are welcome.

Odyssey Storytime Club

Odyssey Storytime Club sessions remain running Friday Prep, weekly
All are welcome.

Classics Lecture
Tuesday 5 May, Long Break

Ben Kane, the Legionary Lecturer, and author of at least ten books of Classical historical fiction, will be presenting his awesome Roman army lecture to any Lower School pupils currently doing Latin (volunteers only, entire optional) via a Microsoft TEAMS session. Expect a series of gruesome slides, including the answer to the question, why was the Roman legionary taught to thrust his sword at his enemy in an upward motion, rather than bring it swinging down on his head?