March 05 2021 | Issue no. 193

Head Master's Notices

Thank you very much for your understanding over bringing your children in for testing prior to the re-start on Monday. So far we have tested around 450 pupils and have not had a positive test returned yet.  My hope is that this means that everyone can return next week confident that school is a safe environment and raring to go.  I would like to thank our nursing staff and others who have overseen the testing for doing a superb job.  I would also like to thank our bursarial staff who have been working so hard to get school ready for Monday.

Lastly, I congratulate and thank pupils and staff for tackling online learning in such a positive manner.  It is has been a gruelling winter in many ways, but as Spring approaches it seems to me that there are grounds for real optimism.  It is exciting to be re-opening but we are also aware that some may be anxious too - I hope that everyone settles quickly into their old routines and that there are plenty of smiles and a great deal of laughter.

Personally, I am looking forward to my first decent meal in months and to seeing everyone again without a screen in sight.



Whole School Notices and Reminders


Sport Notices

Below is the sports programme for the final two Saturdays of term (13 and 20 March) following our return to School.  We have focused it on the 'Spring Term' sports and made it open to all; therefore, all those pupils who wish to participate are more than welcome to do so.

Those Upper School pupils who are likely to be involved will be spoken to in the week building up to the Saturday, in order to confirm if they wish to participate.  Any Upper School pupils outside of those groups can also opt in by speaking to the relevant member of the Sports Staff.

All the Lower School pupils will be involved, unless you as parents contact me to opt out at

School buses will depart each Saturday at 3.30pm

Unfortunately, at the present time parents are still unable to come and support.  Therefore, if you are collecting your son or daughter, please could I ask that you make arrangements to meet them in one of the car parks at the end of their session.

Hopefully the sun will shine!
Marcus Olsen
Director of Sport

Saturday 13 March

12.15 - 1.15
Fifth Form Girls - Netball
Fifth Form Boys - Hockey

1.15 - 2.15
Fourth Form Girls - Netball
Sixth Form Girls - Netball
Fourth Form Boys - Hockey
Sixth Form Boys - Hockey
Fourth Form Girls - Dance

1.45 - 3.15
Sixth Form Boys - Football

2.15 - 3.15
First Form Boys - Hockey
First Form Girls - Netball
Second Form Boys - Hockey or Football or Dance
Second Form Girls - Netball (Sports Hall) or Dance
Third Form Boys - Hockey or Football
Third Form Girls - Netball

1.00 - 3.15
Gym available to all Upper School Pupils (programme published in Sports Centre)

Saturday 20 March

12.15 - 1.15
Fifth Form Girls - Netball
Fifth Form Boys - Hockey

1.15 - 2.15

Fourth Form Girls - Netball
Fourth Form Girls - Netball
Fourth Form Boys - Hockey
Sixth Form Boys - Hockey
Fourth Form Girls - Dance

1.45 - 3.15
Sixth Form Boys - Football

2.15 - 3.15
First Form Boys - Hockey
First Form Girls - Netball
Second Form Boys - Hockey or Football
Second Form Girls - Netball
Third Form Boys - Hockey or Football or Dance
Third Form Girls - Netball (Sports Hall) or Dance

1.00 - 3.15
Gym available to all Upper School Pupils (programme published in Sports Centre)

'Dauntsey's Strava Running Club'  

This is open to pupils, parents and staff and attached is a document on how to set it up. I know many of you already have a Strava account and can I please ask you to check you have your own privacy settings set up.  The Running Club is a locked account, and we will only let in members of the School Community.

Link -

You can find the Strava How To Guide here.



Maths Notices

UK Maths Trust Intermediate Maths Challenge

A number of Fourth and Fifth Form pupils completed the UK Maths Trust Intermediate Maths Challenge online this February. The results have just come in and congratulations must go to the following who gained a gold award: Aza (top score in the school), Jorge, Alex and Trevor (top score in Fourth Form). All four qualify for the follow-on round, the Pink Kangaroo round. Congratulations must also be extended to our 19 silver award and 10 bronze award pupils. Well done to everyone who entered.

Newsletter Maths Problems

Congratulations to Griff, Vicky, Ruben, Camilla and Annabel for providing solutions to the mathematical challenges in the recent mathematics department newsletter. The problems were chosen to be accessible and also because there are several solutions of varying sophistication and speed. The attached solutions show well the beauty and creativity that lie within the heart of mathematics.

Solutions to the Newsletter Maths Problems can be found here.



Clubs And Activities

New Program

Please find attached the new Spring timetable for the Clubs currently on offer here.



Nightingales Children's Project

Each year Dauntsey’s School visit the Nightingales Children’s Project in Romania with a team of Lower Sixth pupils. Unfortunately, we were unable to visit last year, and it looks like it will be the same case this summer, but we are determined to continue to raise as much money as we can for the charity.

We have come together with Nightingales to put together a short charity single to give you some more information about what work the charity do, how Dauntsey’s support them, and how you can help. The film is available to view here.

We hope you enjoy the video and if you would like to make a donation please follow the link below, where 100% of all funds raised will go directly to Nightingales Children’s Project.

Thank you in advance,

Dauntsey’s to Romania Team 2021



Net Aware

Net aware, supported by the NSPCC, publishes information you may find useful on keeping your child safe whilst using streaming services including:

  • Creating appropriate Profiles
  • Setting Up PINS

This is what Net Aware has say about Netflix.

Net-Aware is also great for keeping up to date on the latest apps your child may talk about such as Signal and Omegle as well as general tips on keeping your child safe on line. 



Teen Tips: Wellbeing Hub

Nurtures pupil's mental health and wellbeing.

Developed by child and adolescent mental health and wellbeing experts, the Wellbeing Hub is an interactive online portal, designed to help you guide your child as they grow up. 

I am delighted to let you know that, as a Dauntsey’s parent, you are entitled to free access. Instructions on how to register and links for accessing the Wellbeing Hub are detailed here on Firefly.

This Week In The Hub

Podcast with Sexual Health Nurse, Alex Fryer
This week in the Hub we talk to specialist practitioner in sexual health and contraception, Alex Fryer. As the co-founder of It Happens, She provides educational talks, workshops and training sessions for students, teachers and parents. We discuss puberty, pornography, sexting and contraception and how parents and teachers can help prepare young people for these often awkward conversations. 
Listen to the podcast here

Inspiring Futures Podcast
This week in Inspiring Futures, we talk to Lucy Goodger about her role as a Chartered Manager Degree Apprentice with Nestle.
Access Inspiring Futures Podcasts here

Live Q&A with Alicia
Every Tuesday - 
Exclusively for Hub members. Hop on and ask your questions, and Alicia will give her expert advice on all things parenting, teaching and mental health.

Register via the Hub Homepage


Elevate Education Webinars

A recording link and a summary sheet for the recent webinar "Preparing for Assessment" has now been sent to all parents that registered. If you didn't register you can still watch the webinar back here.  

The recording will be available until 23 March, which is when the next webinar is taking place.

Managing Technology and Distractions
Date: Tuesday 23 March 2021
Time: 6:00 – 7:00pm
Registration link:

This webinar will be suitable for parents of Years 7 through to 13

Coming up as part of the Elevate Education programme, the schedule of webinars for this term to support parents as much as possible during lockdown are:

  • Tuesday 23 March: Managing Technology and Distractions

Parents will be sent a replay link if they have registered so if you miss it live, you can still access it.



Debating Society

Our last debate scheduled for 3 March has been postponed to the 10 March. 

If you would like to join in with this or future debates, contact by Mr Brown who will invite you to the session. Signing up just means that you will be invited to the debates; you are not committing to anything! 

If you would like to make a speech at one of the debates, contact details can be found on the sign up form here.

The titles and dates of the debates are:

  • 3 March - Rescheduled 10 March  - “This house believes that all new buildings should require a net-0 gas emissions rate.”
  • 17 March - “This house believes that UK history curriculum is too whitewashed and should be updated.”
  • 24 March - "This house believes that conspiracy theorists should be banned from facebook and twitter.”

Debates will take place between 4.20pm and 5.00pm on Wednesday afternoons.

If you would like to know the results of previous debates, take a look at the Debating Society page here.




DSPA Noticeboard

In these times it is more important than ever for everyone to keep in touch. If you would like to sign up, in order to network & keep in touch with year groups, then the year group reps would love to hear from you.

If you have not yet signed up to join the DSPA then please do so here.
If you are not sure if you have already joined then please contact Pip Wall, Membership Rep at

Please have a look at our digital noticeboard here. It is our own online community to connect Dauntsey's parents and businesses in order to buy, sell and advertise to each other in one trusted place. If you'd like to place an advert here, please email

Please follow us on Twitter here @DauntseyDspa where we will keep you updated with news. We hope to host some Zoom events until we can meet again and will share details here. We would really love you to share any photos of past DSPA events with us and tag us with the hashtag #dspafun 



Lower School Notices and Reminders

Manor Matters

Gerry and her amazing team are hard at work getting The Manor ready for the return of most of the House on Sunday. My thoughts are particularly with those of our community who are unable to return at this time and will be continuing to learn remotely for the remaining three weeks of term. 

Those of us returning on Sunday will hopefully find life at school much as it was before Christmas. While I know there is much excitement within our community there is also nervousness and some apprehension. I just wanted to say that this is perfectly normal after so long away from school, in these particularly abnormal circumstances. 

I really can’t wait to see so many return to Manor on Sunday. Bob is in for a bit of a surprise! 



English Book Returns

Please could you help all Lower School pupils who are returning to School next week to make sure that they bring back any books given them by the English Department before Christmas.

Pupils in years 1 and 2 will have a novel that they chose from a book box and might have a class reader too. Pupils in the third form are likely to have a copy of a class reader. Thank you.

Thanks very much,
English Department



Sports Fun Days

Our Lower Sixth Youth Sport Award groups have been planning two fun events for the Lower School for when we return to School.

The first is a ‘Fun Relay Biathlon’ where teams will compete in relays in the pool and on the track. The second is ‘Wacky Sports Day’ where teams will compete in traditional races, such as the Egg & Spoon Race & the Sack Race.

Should be lots of fun and something to look forward to when we get back. Dates and entry details will follow shortly.