March 26 2021 | Issue no. 196

Head Master's Notices

It seems very strange to be writing about the end of term after just three weeks and because the holidays will still be under lockdown.  Nevertheless this bulletin carries my best wishes to all of you for the Easter holidays.

I am delighted that the last three weeks have run so well and that we have had a clean bill of health in terms of no covid cases.  With the Upper Sixth and Fifth Form year groups preparing for Public Examinations of sorts next term, it is really important that the teaching is uninterrupted for the first few weeks.  To this end, I would be very grateful if you would ensure that your children take their lateral flow test just before returning to school.

Next term we return to our traditional daily timings, allowing for the extra time in Long Break each day for clubs and activities, as well as additional tutor time before school. The uniform will remain as it has been for the last few weeks of this term though with school sports kit perfectly acceptable.

I wish the 61 Fourth Form pupils undertaking their Trek to the Stones training today and tomorrow the best of luck and hope that the weather brightens up for them.

See you in the summer and let’s hope that we are a step closer to normal then.



Whole School Notices and Reminders

Next Term's Calendar of Events

The Summer Term 2021 calendar is now live and can be accessed on the right hand link of the Calendar page here.

Please note, however, that the calendar is subject to change.



Q & A for Parents of Fifth and Upper Sixth Formers

Once all the information has been released by Ofqual and the exam boards, we plan to hold a Q & A about this summer's grades and assessments in order to explain the grading process and answer any questions that you may have. This is provisionally scheduled to take place remotely via Microsoft Teams at 9am on Saturday 24th April.

Please keep this date in your diary if you are interested in attending, and we will confirm arrangements next term. This event is for parents only; separate Q & A sessions will be held for pupils.

Jon Tyler, Deputy Head (Academic)



Summer Assessments

Timetables for Fifth Form and Upper Sixth pupils can be downloaded below.





All pupils we be issued with personalised timetables at the start of next term.

Tory Wilks, Academic Co-ordinator 



Covid-19 Testing at Home

All pupils have been given a Covid-19 testing kit, and whilst testing remains voluntary, it is an important step to help keep pupils and staff safe and we therefore strongly encourage all pupils to take part.

Please ensure that pupils are tested on the Sunday evening before the Summer Term starts.

On going, pupils should be testing twice a week.

Pupils (or their parents) are required to report the results of their tests online ( every time they take a test, even if the result was negative or void.

All test results must also be reported to the school as set out below:

· Pupils should report the results to the School by sending an email to the following address:

· If the test is positive – Please type “Positive COVID test” in the email subject line and press send. Please also cc your House Master / Mistress and Mr McFarland on this email if the result is positive.

· If the test is negative – Please type “Negative COVID test” in the email subject line and press send.

· If the test if void – Please type “Void COVID test” in the email subject line and press send.

If the test is positive the pupil, and the household they are part of, should self-isolate immediately in line with NHS Test and Trace guidance for 10 days. They should also order a confirmatory PCR test. If this PCR test result is negative, then it overrides the result of the lateral flow test conducted at home. In addition, a negative lateral flow test result does not guarantee that pupils are not carrying the virus and so they should continue to follow social distancing and other measures to reduce transmission.



Easter Sports Camp

For 3 days at the start of the Easter Holidays, join us for an Easter Sports Camp. We will still be operating in ‘Year Group Bubbles’ and therefore the timings below will be the same for all 3 days.

There will be no need to sign up for these sessions, please just drop your son/daughter off outside the pavilion at the start time and collect them at the end of the session. I am afraid that parents will still be unable to come and watch.

We will be continuing with winter sports and depending on what the pupils wish to do, we will adjust it each day. We will be playing tournaments and focusing on Hockey, Netball, Football & Touch Rugby. If pupils can come equipped for these sports, wearing Dauntsey’s Sports Kit. Pupils do not need to come every day, so please just turn up on the days that suit you.

We will be asking for a show of hands in games sessions in the last week of term, just so we can judge how many are likely to come. Many thanks to the Sports Staff who have agreed to come in during the holidays to help out.

Monday 29 March, Tuesday 30 March, Wednesday 31 March

9.30am – 11.00am – First Form and Second Form

11.30am – 1.00pm – Third and Fourth Form

1.30pm – 3.00pm – Fifth and Sixth Form



RS Notices

Places of Worship

Mrs Pratt would love to see pictures of places of worship near to where you live.

Please submit a photo taken by you, details of the location and a very brief explanation of a place of worship that is near to where you live - where ever you are in the world! 

Is it a small Baptist chapel on West Lavington High Street, a large Mosque in Regent's Park London or a Buddhist Temple in Hong Kong?

This is an optional task - you are not under any pressure to complete it but if you are taking a stroll in the spring sunshine you might find it an easy and interesting thing to do. There will be merits and praise for submissions and I will be making a display of your pictures.

Send all entries to



Nightingales Children's Project

Each year Dauntsey’s School visit the Nightingales Children’s Project in Romania with a team of Lower Sixth pupils. Unfortunately, we were unable to visit last year, and it looks like it will be the same case this summer, but we are determined to continue to raise as much money as we can for the charity.

We have come together with Nightingales to put together a short charity single to give you some more information about what work the charity do, how Dauntsey’s support them, and how you can help. The film is available to view here.

We hope you enjoy the video and if you would like to make a donation please follow the link below, where 100% of all funds raised will go directly to Nightingales Children’s Project.

Thank you in advance,

Dauntsey’s to Romania Team 2021



Debating Society

This Wednesday, in a change from the published title, the Upper School Debating Society met to discuss the motion that:

“This house believes that the royal family needs Meghan Markle.”

Attendance was high for this final debate of the year.  It was a complex motion, with no correlation between one view or the other and the royalists or the republicans in the room which led to an exciting debate. The results can be found on the Upper School Debating Society page here



Teen Tips: Wellbeing Hub

Nurtures pupil's mental health and wellbeing.

Developed by child and adolescent mental health and wellbeing experts, the Wellbeing Hub is an interactive online portal, designed to help you guide your child as they grow up. 

I am delighted to let you know that, as a Dauntsey’s parent, you are entitled to free access. Instructions on how to register and links for accessing the Wellbeing Hub are detailed here on Firefly.

This Week In The Hub - Please remember to register before you access any of the below

Helping Young People With Social Skills - Top Tips
We share our top tips on helping young people develop good social skills, which inevitably enable them to establish healthy friendships and relationships. We hope you find it useful. 
Read the tips here

Inspiring Futures Podcast
This week in Inspiring Futures, we talk to Lucy Allen about her role as an Occupational Therapist.
Access Inspiring Futures Podcasts here

Inspiring Stories Podcast
This week in Inspiring Stories, we hear from a pupil who shares his experience of being gay going through school.
Access Inspiring Stories Podcasts here



The Spark page from the pupil Hub is now available for you to view in the parents Hub. You'll be able to use it to start interesting debates with your child, view the positive news stories, podcasts and listen to the inspiring stories podcast series. You can also refer your child to this section of the Hub if you feel like they'd benefit from the content.
View the Spark page here

The New Teen Tips Pupil Hub

The Hub includes:

  • Answers - a huge bank of Q&As on pretty much every topic
  • Top Tips - informative films, blogs and tip sheets
  • Spark - an area to find positivity, inspiration, good news and more
  • Futures - Careers Advice and Inspiring Futures Podcasts
  • Help Zone - with links to specialist organisations

The Hub will grow and evolve over time and we will be encouraging pupils to share their stories and ideas. We look forward to welcoming pupils on board very soon.

Register via the Hub Homepage



Elevate Education Webinars

A recording link and a summary sheet for the recent webinar "Managing Technology and Distractions" has now been sent to all parents that registered. If you didn't register you can still watch the webinar back here.  

The recording will be available until 23 April.




DSPA Noticeboard

In these times it is more important than ever for everyone to keep in touch. If you would like to sign up, in order to network & keep in touch with year groups, then the year group reps would love to hear from you.

If you have not yet signed up to join the DSPA then please do so here.
If you are not sure if you have already joined then please contact Pip Wall, Membership Rep at

Please have a look at our digital noticeboard here. It is our own online community to connect Dauntsey's parents and businesses in order to buy, sell and advertise to each other in one trusted place. If you'd like to place an advert here, please email

Please follow us on Twitter here @DauntseyDspa where we will keep you updated with news. We hope to host some Zoom events until we can meet again and will share details here. We would really love you to share any photos of past DSPA events with us and tag us with the hashtag #dspafun 



Lower School Notices and Reminders

Manor Matters

As the end of this extraordinary term draws to a close, spring is certainly in the air at the Manor. The daffodils are out, trees are in blossom and the evenings are lengthening.

It has been wonderful to have the majority of pupils back under the Manor roof for the past few weeks. It has been tiring though and I am sure the Easter holidays will provide some welcome rest, for everyone, ahead of a busy Summer Term. We look forward to welcoming more of the Manor pupils back into house after Easter, including several new faces. 

Hopefully you will have seen the 'Project Veg Patch' appeal. We are very excited at the prospect of pupils and tutors working together to create a relaxing and productive outdoor space. If we're lucky we might even have some fresh home-grown fruit and veg to eat too. If you do get a chance to have a bit of a spring clean of garden sheds over Easter, we would really welcome any donations of gardening equipment upon your return.

I hope you all have a safe and peaceful Easter break. My thoughts are especially with those travelling and quarantining to come back to school. Every day spent in quarantine will be a day closer to long evenings of water slides, campfires and cricket on Poppies Field!

Peter Guille, House Master.

Please do follow us on Twitter @ManorDauntseys to keep up to date.



Project Manor Veg Patch

We are delighted to announce the Easter resurrection of the Manor Veg Patch in the lovely and hidden Manor walled garden. Some progress has already been made, full details can be downloaded here.

We now need your help!

We are looking for donations of garden tools, water butt, wheel-barrows – anything that you think might be useful at the Veg Patch and that you no longer need. Please drop off over the Easter holidays and leave by the Manor front door.



Third Form Project Prize - Last Call!

Entries to be submitted by Tuesday 18 May

This year's theme is PROGRESS

Being almost the end of the Spring Term, it is again time to launch the Third Form Project Prize. This is an opportunity for individuals to showcase their skills outside of the classroom in a discipline of their choice. The closing date for entries is May 18th, but pupils who want to take part need to register with Mrs Hunter by the end of this term. We hope to see as wide a range of entries as last year, and those of an equally high standard.

For more information please read the attached document and take a look at the power point here.

First prize is a choice of an iPad or Apple watch and, of course, the trophy. 

Any questions to c.hunter@dauntsey'