May 28 2021 | Issue no. 202

Head Master's Notices

Not even a wet and dreary May could put a dampener on spirits in this first half of term.  It has been a joy to have all pupils back in school, to enjoy concerts and plays, as well as matches against other schools, and to welcome you back on to the site too.  The Farmer Boules Tournament has captured everyone’s attention this week and created a wonderful atmosphere in short and long breaks – congratulations to this year’s winners,  the PE department, and my thanks to the Farmer Upper Sixth for organising such a great event.   The resilience that all the pupils have shown, particularly our Upper Sixth and Fifth Form as they have wrestled with their assessments, has been commendable and everyone deserves a restful and happy half-term.

The First and Second Form will no doubt welcome a break, as they have been sitting their own internal exams this week, and we wish the Third Form, Fourth Form and Lower Sixth luck with their revision, in preparation for their exams after half-term.

I wish you all a happy and relaxing break and hope that our sailors enjoy the Isle of Wight – the first and second school trips for a long time!


Whole School Notices and Reminders


Nightingales Children's Project

Each year Dauntsey’s School visit the Nightingales Children’s Project in Romania with a team of Lower Sixth pupils. Unfortunately, we were unable to visit last year, and it looks like it will be the same case this summer, but we are determined to continue to raise as much money as we can for the charity.

We have come together with Nightingales to put together a short charity single to give you some more information about what work the charity do, how Dauntsey’s support them, and how you can help. The film is available to view here.

We hope you enjoy the video and if you would like to make a donation please follow the link below, where 100% of all funds raised will go directly to Nightingales Children’s Project.

Thank you in advance,

Dauntsey’s to Romania Team 2021



Covid-19 Testing over Half-Term - Update

Over half-term, we ask that pupils continue to test themselves twice a week and they (or their parents) report the results of their tests online ( every time they take a test, even if the result was negative or void.

Please ensure that one test is carried out on Sunday 6 June, before returning to School. 

All test results must also be reported to the School as set out below:

  • Pupils should report the results to the School by sending an email to the following address:
  • If the test is positive – Please type “Positive COVID test” in the email subject line and press send. Please also cc your House Master / Mistress and Mr McFarland on this email.
  • If the test is negative – Please type “Negative COVID test” in the email subject line and press send.
  • If the test if void – Please type “Void COVID test” in the email subject line and press send.

If the test is positive the pupil, and the household they are part of, should self-isolate immediately in line with NHS Test and Trace guidance for 10 days. They should also order a confirmatory PCR test. If this PCR test result is negative, then it overrides the result of the lateral flow test conducted at home. In addition, a negative lateral flow test result does not guarantee that pupils are not carrying the virus and so they should continue to follow social distancing and other measures to reduce transmission.



Maths Newsletter

Our third department termly newsletter is here! In this edition Miss Hambly shares with us her Mathematical journey, you are able to view the results from our World Maths Day survey to discover the Greatest Of All Time (GOAT) mathematician, and there are details of a free online lecture where mathematics is explored as a performing art.  We even share an equation for happiness!

We hope that you enjoy it.

Maths Newsletter: Edition 3 - Summer 2021

Junior Mathematical Challenge

The results are now in from the UK Maths Trust Junior Mathematical Challenge, in which the top sets in the First and Second Form competed.  Overall we achieved six gold awards, eight silver awards and ten bronze awards. Congratulations to all award winners! A special mention must go to our gold award pupils, Maggie, William, Alfie, Jossie, Savin and Tom. All gold award pupils have qualified for the next round (Kangaroo round), with the exception of Maggie, who qualified for the more prestigious Olympiad competition.  Only 2000 pupils nationally qualify for the Olympiad, which is roughly the top 1% of entrants, a fantastic achievement!



GCSE & A-level Grading Policy for Summer 2021

We are pleased to confirm that our Centre Policy for GCSE and A-level grading this summer has now been formally approved by JCQ. 

A couple of generic sections from JCQ's national guidance have been added, but no substantive changes have been made.

The updated policy is now available on Firefly, replacing the previous draft version. Click here to view.

Jon Tyler, Deputy Head (Academic)



Careers Notice 

Training Days

After half-term, following on from the post Dauntsey’s training days, the Careers Department are co-ordinating a varied enrichment programme for the Upper Sixth, from days out on the Jolie Brise to a Scuba Diving taster, from cooking on a student budget to employability, or even taking part in a Runathon, to name but a few! 

All Upper Sixth have been emailed a full list of possible options, together with a survey, to help us gauge interest.  Replies are non-binding and merely a way for us to establish what will be feasible to run.  We feel there is something for everyone which will be useful both in their immediate future over the summer or further ahead as ODs.

James O’ Hanlon, Head of Careers



Pupil Wellbeing Survey

Third, Fourth & Lower Sixth Pupil Wellbeing Survey

Thank you to all who have completed the consent form for the wellbeing survey.
If you have not yet done so, please click this link to say whether you are happy for your son/daughter to take part in the survey.

Greg James
Mental Health and Wellbeing Coordinator



Calendar of Events

The Summer Term 2021 calendar is now live and can be accessed on the right hand link of the Calendar page here.

Please note, however, that the calendar is subject to change.



Clubs and Activities Summer 2021

The new timetable for the Clubs and Activities on offer during the Summer Term can be found here.  This can also be found on the website and Firefly.



Teen Tips: Wellbeing Hub

Nurturing pupil's mental health and wellbeing.

Developed by child and adolescent mental health and wellbeing experts, the Wellbeing Hub is an interactive online portal, designed to help you guide your child as they grow up. 

Please remember to register before you access any of the below, instructions and links for accessing the Wellbeing Hub are detailed here on Firefly.

May's Theme - Child and Adolescent Nutrition

Podcast: Gym Culture, Diets & Photoshopped Images
Rosalind is a personal trainer, yoga teacher and someone who has recovered from an eating disorder herself. We discuss the addictive nature of gym culture, the dangers of using steroids, body positivity, eating disorders, diets and body dissatisfaction. Rosalind explains how we need to shift from placing too much value on 'results' to appreciating the mental and physical health benefits of exercise. Our bodies are amazing! They keep us alive and strong, and we need to look after them. Listen to the podcast here

Inspiring Futures Podcast 

This week in Inspiring Futures, we talk to Jim Marshall-Baquedano about his role as a Creative Director in the Fashion & Modelling Industry. Listen to the podcast here

Register via the Hub Homepage



DSPA Noticeboard

We are thrilled that we are once again able to meet up face-to-face and our Year Reps are currently busy organising events for you!

First Form Parents' Drinks

Please join us in The Pavillion on Wednesday 30 June, see here for full details. Please note, at this time, no pupils or siblings may attend.

Second Form Parents' Drinks

Please join us on Friday 11 June for a Summer Drinks Party!  See here for full details.


Unfortunately, Kate & Pam will be stepping down as Fifth Form Year Reps from the end of this term. They have been a strong & active part of the DSPA for five years & we will miss them dearly. This does now mean that we will be in need of Year Reps for the new Lower Sixth. If you are interested on taking on this role, please email

Joining the DSPA

If you would like to sign up, in order to network & keep in touch with year groups, then please do so here, the year group reps would love to hear from you.

If you are not sure if you have already joined then please contact Pip Wall, Membership Rep at

Please have a look at our digital noticeboard here. It is our own online community to connect Dauntsey's parents and businesses in order to buy, sell and advertise to each other in one trusted place. If you'd like to place an advert here, please email

Please follow us on Twitter here @DauntseyDspa where we will keep you updated with news. 


Lower School Notices and Reminders

Manor Matters

There has been a very studious atmosphere in house this week with revision and exams at the front of the pupils' minds. It was great to celebrate the completion of their exams with 'pizza parties' for the First and Second Form this week. Hopefully, they will all have found them a useful exercise in testing their knowledge and recall of this year's work. 

It has been half term full of energy and optimism. The grounds are looking amazingly green and full of life (thanks to Dale, Jason and the rest of the dedicated grounds team), the weather is starting to feel a little more like summer and Poppies field has been alive with the sound of leather on willow. 

While the Third Form will need to get their heads down to do some (but not too much) revision, I hope the half-term break will provide everyone with the opportunity to recharge and refresh ahead of the final four busy weeks of term. May I wish you all a peaceful, safe and sunny break.

Peter Guille, Housemaster