The School Counsellors

Our two School Counsellors are a confidential and trusted support for all pupils, as and when needed.  

A clear distinction is made between the counsellors and the teachers. Any discussions that pupils have with the counsellors remains confidential. The only exceptions to this are if it is felt a pupil is in danger of seriously harming themselves or others, or if they agree that it would be helpful to involve someone else.

The counsellors are not just here for the big problems through, anything that is bothering a pupil enough to make them anxious or unhappy may well be helped by coming to talk about it. No pupil will ever be made to feel that their problem is not worthy of a chat. 

How does it work?

Counsellors are good listeners, but counselling goes beyond that. They will try to help you become clearer about situations, feelings and thoughts. Sometimes just voicing out loud what has been going around in your head can help clarify things.

They won’t make judgements or try to give you advice or provide all the answers, but believe that through support, individuals are able to find their own solutions and develop their own strategies.

They help you sort out why things may be happening to you, what needs to change and how those changes can take place.

Pupils can access the School Counsellors through asking a Teacher, Tutor or House Parent, Nurse, Librarians or any member of the Listening Service.  They are also able to email the counsellors directly, should they not wish anyone to know that they are seeking support. 


Hollie, the therapy dog

Hollie, is a trained therapy cavapoo and belongs to Carole Coupe, one of the qualified school counsellors. As a therapy dog, Hollie helps pupils feel more at ease and provides a calming environment.  She also offers unconditional friendship to those in need, and is much loved by all. 

Meet the Counsellors

Ruth Archer

Ruth Archer

School Counsellor
Carole Coupe

Carole Coupe

School Counsellor, Staff Leader of Listening Service