Meet Our Staff

People, not buildings or facilities, are what make a good school great and we are proud to have an exceptional team of teachers who pass on their enthusiasm and love of their subject to pupils. To find out more about our School community please explore a small selection of staff profiles below.

Anne Sampson

Housemistress at The Manor and English Teacher

Gillian Ward

Housemistress of King Reynolds House and Mathematics Teacher

Annie Evans

Housemistress of Jeanne House and Spanish Teacher

Our Teaching Staff 2017/2018

Adventure Education

Sam Moore, Head of Adventure Education
Toby Sampson, Graduate Assistant Teacher

Art Department

Victoria A Rose, Director of Art
Holly Pearson, Head of History of Art, Tutor: Jeanne
Caron Hunter, Art Teacher, Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator, Tutor: Lambert
Nick Spear, Art Teacher, Tutor: Fitzmaurice
Sarah Rountree, Art Teacher, Tutor: Evans


James O'Hanlon, Head of Careers


Dominic Hodgkinson, Head of Classics
Kate Morris, Classics Teacher

Design Technology

Alun Pickford, Head of DT
Lynette Egan, Teacher of DT, Tutor: King-Reynolds
Peter Guille, Teacher of DT, Tutor: Hemens
Hayden Harris,Teacher of DT, Tutor: Forbes

Drama and Dance

Rikki Jackson, Director of Drama
Emily Wilkins, Dance Teacher, Tutor: The Manor
Elise Chambers, Drama Teacher, Tutor: Jeanne
Charlotte Saville, Drama Teacher, Tutor: Jeanne
Rhian Fox, Drama Teacher

Economics and Business Studies

Adrian Poole, Head of Economics and Business Studies, Assistant Housemaster: King-Reynolds
Adrian Lewis, Business Studies and Economics Teacher, Assistant Housemaster: Hemens


Andrew Brown, Head of English Tutor: Lambert
Alice Lintin, English Teacher, Tutor: Rendell
Patrick Ost, English Teacher, EPQ Co-ordinator Tutor: Forbes
Anne Sampson, English Teacher, Housemistress: The Manor
Justine S Wall, English Teacher, Tutor: Lambert
Sharon Wells, English Teacher, Oxbridge Humanities Co-ordinator, Tutor: Hemens
Liz Gardiner, English Teacher, Forbes: Housemistress
Jane Hubbard, Tutor: Rendell


Daphne Whitchurch, Head of EAL
William A Barker, Teacher of EAL
Pat Morrison, Teacher of EAL
Cathryn Shakeshaft, Teacher of EAL


Andrew Palmer, Head of Geography Assistant Housemaster: Farmer
Kirstin Clark, Geography Teacher, Housemistress: Lambert
Amber Lascelles, Geography Teacher, Tutor: Forbes
Lucie P McNichol, Geography Teacher, Tutor: Forbes
Allister Sheffield, Geography Teacher
Nigel Yates, Geography Teacher, Tutor: King-Reynolds


Ben Sandell, Head of History, Editor 'The Dauntseian' Tutor: Farmer
Timothy Butterworth, History Teacher, Tutor: Farmer
Emma Crozier, History Teacher, Housemistriss: Evans
Mark McFarland, History Teacher, Second Master
James Spencer, History Teacher,
Jon Tyler, History Teacher, Deputy Head (Academic) Tutor: Scott

Information Technology and Computing

Dan Fraser, Head of Computing, Tutor: Farmer
Chris Braby, Computing Teacher, Tutor: Rendell

Learning Development

Joanna Leeming, Head of Learning Support
Christopher Wilson, Learning Support
Pauline Sidey, Learning Support
Katherine Smart, Learning Support
Caroline Swinbank, Learning Support
Sally Evans, Learning Support


Peter Mobbs, Head of Mathematics, Tutor: Farmer
Caroline L Hambly, Mathematics Teacher, Tutor: Hemens
Denise Innes, Mathematics Teacher,
Sarah Mallett, Mathematics Teacher,
Ruth Mccammon, Mathematics Teacher, Tutor: Scott
Paula Minter, Mathematics Teacher, Tutor: Rendell
Tim Price, Mathematics Teacher, Tutor: Hemens
Victoria J Stewart-Rose Mathematics Teacher, Tutor: Lambert
Gillian Ward, Mathematics Teacher, Housemistress: King-Reynolds
Amy Bergstrom, Mathematics Teacher

Modern Languages

Penny Harrison, Head of French
Victoria Wilks, Head of German, Teacher of Modern Languages, Housemistress: Hemens
Demelza Hills, Head of Spanish, Tutor: King-Reynolds
Estelle Braby-Leman, Teacher of Modern Languages, Tutor: Evans
Celeste Robillard, French Language Assistant
Madeleine Hyman, French Teacher, Tutor: Evans
Susan Walton-Knight, Teacher of Modern Languages, Housemistress: Scott
Jonas Weber, German Language Assistant
Sarah Cooke, Teacher of Modern Languages, Tutor: Forbes
Laura Bellostas, Spanish Language Assistant
Annie Evans, Spanish Teacher, Housemistress: Jeanne
Ann Jackson, Teacher of Modern Languages, Deputy Head (Pastoral)


Gareth Harris, Director of Music
Kester Sims, Head of Music Tech. Tutor: Farmer
Paul Gordon, Assistant Director of Music Tutor: The Manor
Alison Jury, Part-Time Teacher of Music

Peripatetic Staff:

Jonathan Barwood: Guitar
Alicia Carroll: Singing
Sebastiano Cipolla: Saxophone and Clarinet
Terri Fosker: Flute
Alison Jury: Oboe
Michael Lomas: Brass
Dury Loveridge: Cello and Double Bass
Steven Nicholls: Guitar
Christine Notley: Piano
James E Ottaway: Singing
Philip E Pooley: Singing
Joanna Richards: Singing
Edmund Saddington:Singing
Wendy Sims: Piano
Paul Skelton: Piano
Catherine Springate: Bassoon
Anthony Stockley: Drums
Kerry Vaughan: Violin and Viola
Paul Gordon: Organ
Allen Cheshire: Brass Teacher

Physical Education

Marcus Olsen, Director of Sport, Housemaster: Rendell
Jon Ayling, Cricket Coach Primary Schools' Outreach Co-ordinator Tutor: Fitzmaurice
Taylor H Ball, Graduate Assistant Teacher, Tutor: Mercers
Kerri A Bradley, Deputy Director of Sport Tutor: Jeanne
James Devney, Head of Hockey and Head of A Level PE
Duncan A Fulling, Sports Co-ordinator, Assistant Housemaster: The Manor
Nicholas Leach, Graduate Assistant Teacher Tutor: Fitzmaurice
Rebecca J Squire, i/c Swimming Tutor: Hemens
Chris D J Tonkiss, Sports Centre Manager Tutor: Mercers
William Whyte, Head of Core PE, Housemaster: Farmer
Joanne Worrall, PE Teacher, Head of Professional Development and Tutor: King-Reynolds
Gay Butterworth, Teacher of Games, Tutor: Forbes

Religious Studies

Eleni Conidaris, Teacher of Religious Studies, Head of Lower School
The Rev. David Johnson, Chaplain Head of the International Society


Andrew Crossley, Academic Co-ordinator and Head of Science, Tutor: Mercers
James Johns, Head of Physics, Tutor: Scott
Dan Darwall, Physics Teacher, Housemaster: Fitzmaurice
Robert Lewis, Physics Teacher, Tutor: Farmer
Ruth D Moore, Physics Teacher
David Zammit, Physics Teacher, Tutor: Scott
Mark D Kinder, Head of Chemistry, Tutor: Mercers
Kay Layden, Chemistry Teacher, Tutor: Lambert
Momoka Hayashi, Chemistry Teacher
Ellen R Oades, Chemistry and Biology Teacher, Tutor: Lambert
Laura M Quinlan, Chemistry Teacher, Tutor: King-Reynolds
Vincent Muir, Head of Biology
Craig Brakes, Biology Teacher
Bonnie Gordon, Biology Teacher, Assistant Housemistress: Lambert
Jamie D Holmes, Biology Teacher, Tutor: Scott
Samuel W Openshaw, Biology Teacher, Oxbridge Science Co-ordinator Tutor: Rendell
Emma Slade, Biology Teacher