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We are lucky to have a superb Medical Centre on the School campus which is manned 24 hours a day by registered nurses. Our Junior Boarders at The Manor also have a registered nurse on duty at The Manor from 07.00 to 08.15 every morning and again in the evening between 19.00 and 21.00.

The Medical Centre consists of 4 Inpatient rooms which are all en-suite with TVs and DVDs, a waiting room, sisters' office, doctor/physiotherapy consulting room, treatment room (with double door ambulance access), cosy sitting room, large kitchen and counselling room.

All our pupils both day and boarding are provided with medical care, including administration of first aid, emergency care and supervision and administration of prescription medicines and over the counter medications which are dispensed in accordance with the School doctor's advice. Parents are asked to sign that they agree to this practice on entry of a child to the School.

Medical Care for Day Pupils

Day pupils have access at all times during the School day to medical advice and first aid from a registered nurse.

If day pupils are unwell they may rest in the Medical Centre before returning to lessons. If it is necessary for the pupils to go home parents are contacted by the Medical Centre and the pupil cared for until they can be collected.

In the case of an accident or injury, (external sports fixtures included), that is deemed an emergency the pupil is escorted to hospital by a member of staff. The Medical Centre will contact parents for them to relieve the member of staff at the hospital as soon as they can.

HPV and Menacwy are carried out by the Area Health Authority and consent forms are sent out prior to vaccination dates. All other vaccinations for day pupils need to be arranged through the family doctor.

Medical Care for Boarders

All boarders will be registered with the Lansdowne Surgery in Devizes by the Medical Centre. A GP from the practice holds a surgery at School twice a week.

If the pupils need to see a doctor outside of surgery times appointments can be made at the surgery in Devizes and a member of staff will accompany them.

Inpatient care — parents are informed of an overnight or prolonged stay in the Medical Centre. Nursing Staff will also inform the Boarding Houses of pupil admissions. Parents may, of course, take their children home to recuperate should they wish.

Emergencies - in the event of an accident/injury the medical staff always attempt to contact parents but in the case of an emergency a member of staff may need to act in loco-parentis and sign for any procedure deemed necessary by the attending physician. Parents agree to this when signing the School's medical entry form.

Communication and prescription medicines - it is vital that the Medical Centre is informed of any accidents/illnesses/operations/ vaccinations that are carried out during the School holidays. Prescribed medicines should be bought to the Medical Centre on return to School to ensure that the Nursing Staff are kept up to date with treatment.

Overseas pupils must not bring their own medicines into school for their personal use unless prescribed by a Doctor. All medication must be handed over to the Medical Centre for safe keeping. Parents should be aware that some medication prescribed overseas is not licensed for use in the UK. In this case the School doctor will make an individual case assessment and offer UK licensed medicines where appropriate. It is very important that as much medical information as possible is available to the School doctor.

Vaccinations for Boarders

Travel vaccinations for boarders are organised by the Medical Centre. It is helpful if parents can give us as much notice as possible of an impending trip. Pupils who are going on a Gap Year or to Medical/Dental School may also need additional vaccinations. If this is the case, please inform the Medical Centre as early as possible as some of the vaccinations require a course of injections over a period of 6 months.

Routine Diphtheria /Tetanus/Polio vaccinations are organised for boarders. A consent form is sent to parents prior to vaccination.

Boarders with predisposing medical conditions e.g. diabetes, asthma or those who are immuno-suppressed will be offered the chance to receive the influenza vaccination. A consent form is sent to parents prior to any vaccination.

Optical/Dental Appointments for Boarders

It is recommended that optical and dental care is carried out during the School holidays. However, pupils may be registered with a local optician and dentist and appointments will be made by the Medical Centre. There is an opportunity to opt-in for this on the Medical Entry Form.

All boarders who wear glasses/contact lenses need to keep a spare pair of glasses at school for emergencies


A physiotherapist visits the School twice a week. This can be covered by private medical insurance or the charge added to the School bill. For further information please contact Hatts Health and Movement Clinic, email:; Tel No. 01380-730473.

Communication between the Medical Centre, academic staff, House staff and parents is vitally important to ensure the wellbelng of the pupils. Pupils are always encouraged to keep parents/guardians Informed of medical issues. All medical information is held in confidence by the Nursing Staff in the Medical Centre and only shared if necessary to ensure the safety of a pupil.

Contacting the Medical Centre

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