The Sixth Form

The Sixth Form is a very vibrant area of the School, with some 260 pupils in the Upper and Lower Sixth Forms (Years 12/13) enjoying the challenges of a broad-based and flexible curriculum.

Offering two years of intellectual stimulation and a wealth of experience and opportunity: the Sixth Form at Dauntsey's provides an ideal preparation for life beyond school.

There is a good mix of boarders and day pupils, and boys and girls, with around 30 new pupils joining the Lower Sixth each year. The promotion of self-study skills and independent learning is central to the teaching and learning strategy, preparing pupils for Higher Education courses and the world of work.

In addition to their academic studies, pupils are encouraged to participate in the many social clubs and societies that flourish at the School. There is a wide range of adventure and challenge experiences on offer, as well as an impressive choice of activities in sports, drama and music - all woven into the school day. There really is something for everyone.

Dauntsey's School Sixth Form

Give everything a go because there are so many wonderful opportunities on offer that you will regret not taking them while you had the chance. For example, I never did drama before Sixth Form, and now I love it.

sixth form pupil